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The Past, Present, & Future

In 2017 We Opened With The Idea of Quality Mead at a Reasonable Price, a Good Quality, Easy to Drink Mead, We Did That.

We Opened With The Idea of Bringing New Innovative and Unique Things to Pensacola. We Did That.

We Said We were Going to Build a Bigger Manufacturing Facility One Day and Make Some World Class Meads and Wines. We Built That, We are Doing That.

AND We Are Just Getting Started!!!

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Quality Mead


The Little Things We Are Doing

Small Business & Local

As A Local Small Business, We Work With Local Small Businesses With Every Ingredient. We are Working With East Hill Honey Co to Raise The Bar on Quality Honey, Local Farmers For Quality Ingredients, Local Water Specialist To Increase Water Quality and Filtration For a Cleaner Filtration, and More.

Custom Oak & Aging

Thinking Just A Little Differently. We Have Built Custom Barrels Around Our Flavors, Not Flavors Around A Barrel. With Unique and Exclusive Chars and Toasts In Seasoned Oak, We Will Be Delivering Flavors Unique To Only Swan Neck, We Will Be Releasing Small Batch Varieties, and Can Create Private Labels or Custom Orders To Local Businesses and The Public.

Sustainability & Harvesting

We Have Partnered With Vendors and Use Companies That Focus On Giving Back To Mother Nature. We Use Our Resources To Help Increase a Healthy Bee Population and Work With Barrel Mills to Use Old Trees and Plant More.

Our Research

Orders Outside Of FLorida

Contact Us- Questions, Comments, or Concerns

E-mail: SwanNeckMead@Gmail.com